“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

Cornelis Lemstra

Chief Operating Officer

Societal engagement on a local level

It's important to LINKIT to continuously work on a sustainable environment for human and planet. Next to the various efforts the company makes for human capital and emission reduction, local societal engagement is one of the other terrains it's focussing on. This is happening in a way that is relevant to its business. 

Partnership primary school De Twaalfruiter

In 2014 primary school De Twaalfruiter, located in Vleuten, and LINKIT started their partnership, initiated by LINKIT. The primary role of LINKIT in this partnership is providing the school with additional educational material to enrich the IT-lessons. The school is already giving IT-lessons to improve basic IT-skills, even with some programming involved. LINKIT provides financial support and more important, provides support from its employees to give children a great experience in programming software. The LINKIT employees act as guest teachers and challenge kids to make them more interested in developing IT-skills. 

Smart city

The Smart City project challenges kids from year 7 to implement smart functionality in a miniature city, using sensors, LED's and servo. The logic is being executed by an Arduino Controller and its software is being programmed in a modified version of the tool Scratch. With the simplicity of drag and drop, children can easily program basic principles like loops, if-else statements and read and write digital/analog inputs/outputs. The project is not only concentrating on software programming. Creative skills, teamwork and planning is equally important. That's why it engages all children in a group. LINKIT facilitates and supports the project, provides the hardware and is involved in the exhibition for parents and other kids at the end of the project.