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The Next IT Experience – Don’t let your IT projects fail any longer

Haastrecht, Utrecht
1 Jun 2023 15:30 - 18:30

IT projects often fail. This is the harsh reality that we often see in practice. Organizations are building IT solutions that don’t solve the real problem. The need from the business turns out to be different during the project, which means that the scope or budget changes. Recognizable from a previous project?

During The Next IT Experience (Powered by LINKIT), we introduce you to design thinking in a different way than usual. The power behind successful IT projects. During the experience, follow the interactive workshops, in which you get to work on your IT challenges yourself. How can you strengthen the impact of your IT team and get the business on board? Work together with your assembled team during the experience towards a successful IT solution and increase your ROI.

✔️ Get the business on the same page and start successful projects
✔️ Stop burning money on failing IT solutions
✔️ Learn how to use the approach of design thinking


We won’t tire you with long-winded talks, but rather keep you busy through the interactive workshops. You get the chance to get started with your own challenge, so you get an immediate answer to your IT issue. Thanks to our experts with countless experience, the knowledge is close by all day. They guide you with examples they have come across.

After the event, you will go home with a concrete approach that you can immediately apply in your organization.

Workshop 1

From business demand to data demand in 5 steps 

In this workshop you will experience the ‘design’ and ‘define’ fase of the design thinking method.

Expert: Thomas van der Meer

Workshop 2

Starting an IT project? This is how you get the business on your side 

In this workshop you will experience the ‘ideate’ fase of the design thinking method.

Expert: Maaike Stoops

Workshop 3

How user research helps to determine the real problem 

In this workshop you will experience the ’empathise’ fase of the design thinking method.

Expert: Benjamin Roelfsema & Jonathan Wigmans


An experience requires a special and open location. On the first of June, we welcome you to location WEIDS, near Oudewater. We will start the programme there at 15:30. The workshops are in English

Next IT Experience 1

15.00 – Walk-in
15.30 – Introduction 
16.00 – First workshop 
16.45 – Break 
17.00 – Second workshop 
17.45 – Break 
18.00 – Third workshop
18.45 – Finalize and discuss outcomes
19.00 – BBQ and drinks

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