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Using automation to create time for innovation
Scale your business with the same amount of people
Hybride: @LINKIT Headquarters or Online
18 Oct 14:45 - 17:30

We all know that the tech world rushes ahead if you don't innovate, your competitors will fly past you. Yet it is increasingly common that plans for innovation are put on the back burner because there is no capacity or time to develop further. The daily tasks take up too much time for the employees, so there is no room to take on the innovation.

By automating repetitive work, productivity and quality can be increased. Employees have more time for important things like innovation and professional development. As an extra bonus, this means that the employees end up in the right place, which also improves retainment. There are countless advantages of automation, but implementing it is not as easy as ABC. There is a lot involved in this, but we are happy to help you with that.

During this event we will take you step by step through the process of setting innovation in motion in your company. We start at the beginning; how do you make this jump together with your organization? Together with us, Christiaan Konstapel dives into the first principles of innovation. For example, he wonders: When do we make the leap? What does it bring? What are the risks? What are the foundations we need to have in terms of capabilities and data? After this, Dick takes over to explain everything about the moment you decide to jump. Here he explains the advantages of automation and if you have everything in-house to get started? Do I have the people for it? All in all, how do I get the right preparation. What do you need to reap the benefits later? All of this will be told by using use cases and his own experience over the years. In the end Laurent will conclude by discussing the landing after the jump, based on his own experiences, how do you make sure everything goes in the right direction?

The event takes place at the LINKIT HeadQuarters (Rijnzathe 9 de Meern) or online at a location that suits you better. Let us know how you would like to join the event during registration. When you visit our office you can enjoy a delicious snack and drink, so it would be lovely to see you there!

16.45 - Welcome @LINKIT Headquarters (Rijnzathe 9, de Meern)
17.00 - Christiaan Konstapel: Ready to jump?
17.25 - Dick van Straaten: Let's jump!
17.50 – Laurent Ellerbach: The landing after the jump
18.15 - Networking while enjoying some food and a drink
19.30 - See you next time!

Meet our experts:

Our first expert is Christiaan Konstapel (Mileway). Christiaan is Enterprise Architect and member of the IT leadership team at Mileway. He has extensive experience with different cloud topologies, transformations, as a service concepts, and IOT in different companies & industries. He is very enthusiastic about what new technologies can do. But as an enterprise architect also understands that technology is most of the times the easy piece of the whole puzzle. Besides enterprise architecture he is actively involved in setting up innovation and driving the digital strategy for Mileway.
The second expert is Dick van Straaten (LINKIT). Dick is extremely experienced as a Microsoft Cloud Principal and the leader of the LINKIT Cloud Squad. As a true specialist, Dick advises customers, partners and LINKIT itself (including our employees) on strategy, business progress and knowledge advancement in the field of Microsoft. He has a long list of organizations where he has worked and learned everything there is to learn about Cloud. He had his own company and loves to share the knowledge he has gained with others!
Our last expert is Laurent Ellerbach (Microsoft). Laurent has been working at Microsoft for 25 years. Laurent is a Principal Software Engineer Manager for a broad region in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In his role, he uses his technical and management skills to drive developers to adopt Microsoft’s latest cloud technologies Azure. He is focusing on the Automotive, Mobility and Transport largest customers, by co-engineering with his customer engineer teams, co-creating intellectual property that every party can use for their own projects. Laurent is a core contributor of .NET IoTand .NET nanoFramework. Laurent has developed a deep knowledge in the IoT space including the Microsoft Azure IoT offering.