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Studio LINKIT: (Cloud) Innovation is not a destination, it's a journey
Innovating should not be the goal, make innovating your strategy
28 Feb 14:00 - 15:30

We all know that the tech world rushes past you if you don't innovate: your competitors will fly by. Now is the time to get inspired about how you can strategically use innovation in your organization. For example automating your manual daily tasks: this way there are less costly mistakes. As an added bonus you are left with a lot of time you can spend on the things you do best!

During the event you will hear the stories of three professionals from different backgrounds about how they view the theme 'continue to innovate on a daily basis and make this part of your strategy'. We sit down with an innovation expert, an owner of an innovative start-up and a Microsoft Cloud Principal.

This time we're taking a different approach! We can try and pinpoint your interests, but isn't it better if you determine the content yourself? Ask your question (anonymously) in advance and we will talk about it! The aim of the panel is that you can get started with your own innovation.

You can join Studio LINKIT online, the panel will be ready for you at 3 pm, see you there!

Get to know the panel

Our first panel member is Maaike Stoops, she is one of our very own solution advisors at LINKIT. With a Master of Science in Strategic Product Design at Delft University of Technology, Maaike got skilled in designing innovations from a business perspective. Combined with her curiosity about IT and technology, she executed different roles in IT companies. From a software development enterprise to a cloud startup, she is now running the Solution Advisor team and Innovation Lab at LINKIT.

Our second member is Thatcher Peskens, he is Chief Business Officer at LeafCloud; a radically green alternative for all your cloud computing needs. His experience with the cloud goes back to starting a hosting company and then working at Docker in the early days. For him, cloud is the service that enables people to build reliable, scalable and impactful digital products and services. Cloud currently is also a huge energy waster. A problem LeafCloud is addressing.

Last but not least we're joined by Dick van Straaten. He has extensive experience as a Microsoft Cloud Principal and lead of the LINKIT Cloud Squad. Dick is a true specialist in his field and has no trouble finding a solution for any problem. This is why he advises clients, partners and LINKIT itself (including our employees) on strategy, business development and knowledge development in the field of Microsoft. He has an extensive list of organisations where he worked and learned everything there is to know about the world of Cloud. He had his own company for a while and is happy to share the knowledge and expertise he has gained.