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Developing custom software

You find yourself with a specific IT need that applies only to your organisation. A business process needs to become easier and more efficient. The solution: we need new software! On the road to finding a solution, you quickly discover that you need more than standard software packages to help you (aka of-the-shelf software). Your problem or need is so specific that you need custom software!

With custom software, we develop software that we design specifically for you. All based on your unique situation and requirements. Custom software allows you to digitize optimally without compromising functionality, ease of use, or security. Are you wondering whether custom software is a good choice for your challenge? Our consultants will be happy to help you determine which type of software is most suitable for your problem.

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Custom software examples

It’s in the name: custom software has endless use cases. Take a custom-made inventory management system, for example. Where standard software has superfluous functions or misses just that one crucial feature, a customized system fits your needs seamlessly. This leads to more efficient stock management, fewer errors, and improved customer satisfaction.

Another example is a workflow management system. Tailored to your operational needs. Custom software ensures the smooth running of tasks, accurate follow-up, and greater efficiency of your business processes. The result? Smoother flow, fewer delays, and a satisfied team and customers.

Low-code is a form of application development that lends itself perfectly to customization. Because of, on the one hand, its flexibility, you develop the most complex applications. On the other hand, you build applications quickly because of the low-code features. At LINKIT, we develop with the platform leaders in the market: Mendix and OutSystems. Read all about app development.

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Our approach to develop custom software

You will need more than building an application to reach your end goal. Let our fresh developers help you launch your application. And continue creating true digital innovation together.


We help you formulate a development question for your custom application with a discovery scan

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Developing software

Software for your specific use case. Developing custom software for your organization

Training & support

Planning to build an application? Maintain it by us every month. And we train your new developers

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A partner for building custom software

Are you looking for a party to have software created for you or to co-develop with? Having a partner provides a fresh perspective in your organisation. We do this by working through the 4D model: Dream-Design-Develop-Drive. First, we want to understand your development question properly and together, we explore the smartest solution. Can we convert an Excel sheet into an app? Fine! But let’s first examine what real problem we are creating a solution for. That way, we challenge you to come up with a smarter solution. We then build the solution together or by ourselves. And support and train you when the application is built. As an IT partner, we work with organisations daily to develop and maintain applications.

Custom software consultants from LINKIT

Your benefits
– We understand your question and challenge you to develop the smartest solution
– You collaborate with our experienced and international squad of +80 developers
– We work quickly and flexibly on your development request
– LINKIT has been awarded as the best software development employer by Computable. You will always work with happy consultants!

Software projects we did earlier

We work with clients every day to develop and maintain customised applications. Read below about the projects we have done before.

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