Stopping learning is not an option for me

Alyona Galyeva is one of those happy people for whom her work is her passion. As Squad lead she fulfills an important role within the LINKIT data team.

“I'm a big fan of optimization. From processes, from code, from automation and of course from pipelines. I always think in pipelines. That is natural for me. I started at LINKIT as Principal Data Solutions Engineer. During the time I work here I have further developed into Squad Lead of the Data team. That means that I am not only closely involved in all the projects we are working on, but that I also support the rest of the team in their development and also support the management and sales side.”

"I'm a big fan of optimization."

“Stopping learning is not an option for me. Not for anyone in my field, by the way. There is always something new to discover and I see myself as a true pioneer. Especially when it comes to new data, AI and Machine Learning applications.” After work, Alyona doesn't stop: “When I'm done with my work, I continue with my other work,” Alyona explains. “I am active for a non-profit organization, PyLadies Amsterdam, with which we want to promote diversity within the technology sector. To that end, we regularly organize events and meet-ups.”

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Senior / Lead Fullstack JavaScript Developer

Fullstack JavaScript Developer: development with next-gen JavaScript and leading open-source frameworks.