OutSystems Test Engineer after a successful internship

Remco Kooiman was not completely unfamiliar with OutSystems when he came to do an internship at LINKIT. He is now busy becoming a real expert in it. As an OutSystems test engineer, he checks, both during and after the production process, whether functionalities and components really work as intended. But his story begins a lot earlier.

“I got to know LINKIT during a meet-up about OutSystems. My uncle used to work for OutSystems and always tried to push me to get into it. So I ended up here through him. It started with an internship, then a graduation internship of six months and now I work here full-time. I think LINKIT is a great company to work for. As soon as you enter the building you immediately notice that it is an informal company. And the atmosphere is also very relaxed. Very enjoyable.”

"As soon as you enter the building you immediately notice that it is an informal company"

“I liked my internships so much that I immediately applied for a job at LINKIT afterwards. And luckily I got it. That is not to say that LINKIT is my only hobby. I like to ride my motorcycle. After work I like to go on a tour. Both with friends, but also just by myself. Recently I also started a new hobby: freediving. So I go to the pool every week to train there."

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