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Are you a natural IT explorer, ready for your next adventure? Always looking for inspiration and new technologies? Than explore this page.

The LINKIT Mindset

LINKIT is a knowledge-driven IT partner, we have the unique strength and flexibility to adapt and effortlessly scale according to the needs of our clients. This need could, for example, be a capacity issue where you use your expertise to work in a team at the client’s location. But it could also involve a challenge where you, as part of a multidisciplinary LINKIT project team, will implement the solution for the client. Whichever way you get to work, you will definitely make a difference for the client and elevate IT to a higher level!




What makes us unique?

You’re not just an employee at LINKIT, you’re an Explorer. As an Explorer, you’re not bound by the familiar paths, but rather free to explore new routes and push boundaries. Each project is an opportunity to grow and learn. We fully support you during this journey of discovery. We’re committed to providing an environment where self-improvement, excelling in what you do, and inspiring others are the norms! We achieve this by offering an unlimited training budget, yes, truly unlimited!

Additionally, we invest up to 10% of your time in personal development and knowledge sharing through our club days. On these days, you truly feel at home at LINKIT. During club days, you have the opportunity to connect with colleagues and there’s ample possibility to pursue education, certifications, or acquire new skills – the path is open before you.

Meet our legendary explorers

Are you a real explorer?

Does your mindset align with that of LINKIT? There’s a good chance that deep down, you’re already an Explorer. Through this test, you can discover what kind of Explorer you are! 🚀


An unlimited budget for training, study (material) and knowledge events. Development paths as a roadmap for growth. Learn from your mentor and other gurus.


We ensure that you have a challenging project in which you can use your creativity, knowledge and skills. This way you develop the best solution with fellow explorers.


A true explorer inspires by sharing valuable knowledge and experiences with colleagues, the community and like-minded professionals. this allows them and you to grow.

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