Why Scrum and OutSystems are a business dream couple

OutSystems Agile Scrum Low-code

Within IT, speed has been high on the agenda for many years. There are a number of reasons for this. For a start, IT professionals are not only expensive, but also rare. By working more efficiently you not only reduce costs, you can also take on more projects and as an IT company you don’t have to pay for time where there are no projects. The advantages are evident for the clients. At LINKIT we have been using a golden combination for a number of years: developing low code in OutSystems according to the Scrum method. One plus one is three, according to our developers. What is the secret behind that?


To begin with an explanation of Scrum, this working method was developed around the 1990s and is best known for working in short so-called “sprints”. These are periods of one or two weeks in which clearly defined tasks are performed within a team, in which multiple skillsets are always represented. For example, that of .NET developer or a data engineer. After that, there is an evaluation, in which the ‘product owner’, the representative of the client, has the opportunity to make adjustments before the next sprint starts. In contrast to the time-honoured waterfall method, as a client you are much closer to the implementation with Scrum. Not only are people working faster, but the chance of mistakes is also considerably lower.


OutSystems in turn has been developed as a low code platform to develop new applications at lightning speed. This is mainly because programming in this environment is largely done visually. Frequently used features or pieces of code are pre-programmed and can simply be dragged one after the other. This makes it possible to deliver a working prototype within a few hours. Depending on the requested complexity, a project can be delivered within a few days or weeks.

Scrum is primarily intended as a method to perform a slow way of programming faster. But what does it yield if you combine it with a development method that is very fast in itself.

Scrum at high speed

Our experience is that it produces results at twice the speed. By working according to the Scrum method, you get the maximum efficiency from the development possibilities of OutSystems. Because the development is so fast, it is advisable to shorten the time of each sprint. For example to a week instead of two weeks. By using OutSystems, the waiting time of the product owner is drastically reduced and the entire process can be completed at lightning speed. Scrum, but at high speed.

Excellent results

The Scrum method is very suitable for maintaining control within a very rapid development process and, as the client, ensuring that the optimum result are delivered very quickly. At LINKIT we achieve excellent results with this, leading to satisfied clients. More about this you can read in our business case ‘How Intratuin “grows and florishes” again with OutSystems’.

Are you interested in the possibilities of a project executed through this dream combination? Please contact one of our experts for more information?