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IT is always on the move. New technologies appear existent ones evolve and some older ones simply become obsolete To remain relevant as an IT professional you should never stop learning. Following training, courses and acquiring relevant certificates is a never-ending routine. At LINKIT, an IT provider with over 1000 professionals (employed and freelance), we know all about this.

By combining our years of experience in the field and by listening to our clients, we believe we have now the best training programs in the market. That includes our own customers as well as professionals interested in expanding their knowledge You can either follow ‘traditional’ training programs or you can choose our tailormade mentoring program.


We offer a range of tailormade IT-trainings on-demand. JavaScript, AI, Data Engineering, AWS, Office 365. We offer it all. For OutSystems we work together with ITUp, the #1 Official OutSystems Training Partner, and this is not without reason. Our LINKIT developers have a wealth of experience in the field while ITUp knows all about classroom training. A perfect combination for crafting our programs. You can request more info using the form on the end of this article, or by getting in touch with one of our experts.

A couple of things worth mentioning about our courses:

  • You can choose between physical classroom training, a virtual classroom setting or a more flexible e-learning path.
  • Our training portfolio includes OutSystems Web Development, Mobile Development, Reactive Development and OPS.
  • Our focus regions are DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), The Netherlands and Nordics.
  • Our trainings are delivered in English, Dutch and soon in German.
  • You will receive Certificates and/or badges after successfully finishing the training. Our success rate on our courses is 83 percent.

Mentoring service:

Following training and courses are a great way to acquire knowledge fast pace. However, they don’t necessarily always help solve specific problems you may run into when working on a project. LINKIT’s mentoring program combines providing a gradual learning experience with the certainty of having a backup in place.

This provides some direct benefits:

• Your application issues are solved following best practices by our experts. • Gradually your team learns from our experts and becomes more independent and autonomous. • Tailor-made learning experience based on exact needs.

And some indirect ones as well:

• Your team learns while still being productive. • Your portfolio of solutions grows for future reusability. • Fast response for critical issues.

At the end of the day, the mentoring program may save your company time and money:

• It reduces the dependency of external developers. • Saves time in finding solutions for issues never encountered. • Save the time and costs on long weeks of training.

In a way, a mentoring program is pretty similar to visiting your personal coach or piano teacher every (other) week. You pay for what you need and you are always talking to an expert. All mentors from LINKIT are senior developers who are leading internal teams as principals. Next to this, the program is very flexible. If you need a mentor twice a week, you got it. If you only need to catch up once every month, that’s fine too.

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Sharing knowledge is one of our focus points at LINKIT. We hope our programs will meet your needs. Both for professionals as for companies.

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