Data engineer in 8 weeks with the LINKIT bootcamp

Python Scala Docker Spark Kafka SQL Agile

The profession of data engineer is relatively new, but very much in demand with the increasing number of companies that are utilizing the skills they have to offer. However, there is no official training (yet), which makes it especially important for new data engineers to gain a lot of relevant experience quickly. At LINKIT we meet this need with our unique Bootcamp for data engineers. Promising talents immediately get a contract, learn the basics of data engineering in eight weeks and then work for a year at a renowned employer to learn the tricks of the trade. After that, they can choose whether they want to be permanent or prefer to stay with LINKIT.

Lots of enthusiasm

This method demands a lot from the candidates who apply, beginning at the selection procedure. On average we have between 100 and 150 registrations and only room for eight. Because learning data engineering requires a very steep learning curve, we select less on the existing skills, but on learnability.

This is also thoroughly checked in the test assignment. Each candidate must perform this challenge in a programming language unknown to him or her. Besides, they must continuously keep track of which steps they take and especially how they try to carry out the assignment.

Learn and apply immediately

The result is not always the most relevant thing -rather, it’s how quickly the candidate can absorb new material and apply it immediately. That is essentially what we expect from our data engineers.

Although most participants do have a background in IT or technology, the boot camp is therefore widely accessible. We also have people with a background in biology or sales.


The Bootcamp itself consists of six weeks of lessons, which are then concluded with a two-week Capstone Project. In these two weeks, with all the new things they’ve learned, they will solve a customer problem in teams. Topics that occur in the boot camp include: Python, Scala, Docker, Spark, Kafka, SQL and NoSQL and work from the Agile method.

Speed dates

After a few weeks, it’s time for the most exciting part is on the schedule (for some): the speed dates or the ‘speed interview’. LINKIT works for the boot camp together with many partners where the participants start working after the boot camp junior data engineer, including companies such as Shell, ASML as well as Transavia, to name a few.

The sequel

Both the participating companies and the boot campers can indicate a preference after the “speed dates”. Based on this, the best suitable match can easily be determined. However, the boot camp does not end here, in fact, this is where the learning process really starts. The boot camp provides a base, but in many cases it remains necessary for the new data engineers to learn additional techniques, knowledge and working methods at a rapid pace. They do this partly independently, but also under supervision and with guidance. A senior data engineer must always be present during the first year. Not only to monitor the quality, but also to ensure that the boot campers continue their steep learning curve at the company where they are seconded. If this is not available from the partner, LINKIT can also send it to you.

LINKIT organizes a boot camp once or twice a year. Is your company dying for new junior data engineers? Please contact us and ask for the possibilities to participate. Are you curious about an example from practice? Read this business case about the cooperation between bootcamper Inan and ASML. Or read our data management checklist for a deeper understanding of why experience matters