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Why OutSystems is faster, cheaper and easier!

What is the similarity between Python and Chinese? Well, for an outsider, they are both completely incomprehensible. Programming is a profession in itself, where professionals are also scarce. The possibility that you as an outsider can program yourself seems therefore far away. Yet it is not so. With OutSystems, the bar is set a lot lower, which offers many advantages.

Developing at high speed

The compelling difference of developing in OutSystems, compared to classic programming languages such as Python, Java and .Net, is that OutSystems is low code. Things are done mostly in a visual manner. Frequently used features or pieces of code are pre-programmed and can simply be dragged one after the other, like building blocks. This not only allows development to happen at a rapid pace, which reduces costs considerably, but also makes it a lot easier.

As a company you can take advantage of this in several ways:

1. Develop in record time

Where a development process for an application according to traditional programming languages often takes months, with OutSystems it can often be measured in weeks. Especially if you combine it with working according to the Scrum method and the assignment is clear from the get-go. So if you want quick results and reduced complexity, then OutSystems is unbeatable.

2. Become an expert yourself

Have you ever heard of the citizen developer phenomenon? This designates non-programmers who, after a short training, can program independently with, for example, OutSystems.

Classical programming requirements

There is really a big difference between programming in code and visual programming. With code you have to know exactly what and how you write it down and you also have to keep an eye on the logic. The chance of error is quite large and experience is therefore very important. As with any language, you learn to code mainly by doing a lot.

Requirements of OutSystems

If all code has already been pre-programmed, only logic remains. That means making sure that each block is in the right place. Are you handy with Excel? Then you can probably also program in OutSystems, and with that comes opportunities.

Citizen development in practice

From LINKIT we can give your IT department a short training in OutSystems, after which we remain in the background during the development of the environment. The great advantage of developing in-house is that you do not have to contact a third party for a change in the application after completion. Moreover, it opens the door to many more self-developed applications.

80/20 rule

To get an idea of the possibilities of citizen development: you can start from the well-known 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the work can be done in twenty percent of the time. For the other twenty percent, the more complex part of an application, we think it is advisable to call in external expertise.

Do you want to know more about the unique possibilities of OutSystems for your company? Please contact one of our experts for more information. Or read our business case 'Building a low code application in (almost) 3 weeks' to get an idea of the implementation

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